Sweetened Non-dairy Cream

Sweetened UHT non-dairy whipping cream, ideal for decorating and filling cakes, preparing Chantilly cream, mousses, semifreddos, fillings for chocolates and for gelato recipes.


  • Fat content: 27%
  • High volume: when whipped, the product increases to 3.5 times its original volume
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Perfectly whipped in just a few minutes
  • Long hold: the product holds its shape for a long time, without collapsing
  • No synaeresis
  • The whipped product can be re-worked
  • Delicate flavour
  • Can be flavoured as desired
  • Store in a cool, dry place (max 20°C)
  • Long shelf life


  • Format:

    Tetra Edge, Tetra Brik®
  • Weight:

    Tetra Edge 1 L, Tetra Brik® 1 L
  • Packaging:

    12 L Box (12 x 1 L), 12 L Tray (12 x 1 L)