Mix Frit

A mix of oils (high oleic sunflower oil, sunflower oil, fractionated palm oil), containing an anti-foaming agent, ideal for dry and crunchy fried products. High oleic sunflower oil, due to its composition of fatty acids, is stable at high temperatures and more resistant to the oxidation and degradation experienced by fatty acids during cooking or storage. Sunflower oil adds to the excellent flavour of the fried product. Fractionated palm oil, thanks to its high smoke point, allows for light frying without too much oil being absorbed by the product. The anti-foaming agent reduces the formation of foam, slows the oxidation of the oil and prolongs its duration.


  • High smoke point (over 230°C)
  • High stability at frying temperature
  • Enhanced flavour of the fried product
  • Dry and crunchy frying
  • Contains an anti-foaming agent
  • Long shelf life


  • Format:

    Tin / Can
  • Weight:

    25 l / 10 l
  • Packaging:

    25 l Tin / 10 l Can