Oils and Fats for Frying


A blend of vegetable oils containing anti-foaming agent and antioxidants ideal for frying. Each ingredient is perfectly balanced and has unique, distinctive properties: HIGH-OLEIC SUNFLOWER OIL, thanks to its composition of fatty acids, is more stable at high temperatures and more resistant to oxidation and degradation; RICE BRAN OIL is high in mono-unsaturated oleic acid and in poly-unsaturated linoleic acid: the main nutritional benefits of rice oil are due to its non-saponifiable fraction, with high concentrations of vitamin E, and peculiar is the presence of gamma oryzanol,which acts as a natural antioxidant; SUNFLOWER OIL contributes to an excellent taste of frying; the ANTIOXIDANT (EXTRACT RICH IN TOCOPHEROL), provides primarily to inhibiting oxidation reactions that cause deterioration of the oil; the ANTI-FOAMING AGENT reduces the formation of foam, also making the oil suitable for frying frozen products.


  • High smoke point (over 230°C)
  • High stability at frying temperature
  • Enhanced flavour of the fried product
  • Dry and crispy frying
  • Reduced absorption of oil into finished product
  • Contains an anti-foaming agent
  • Optimum yield
  • Very high resistance to odours
  • Long shelf-life


  • Format:

  • Weight:

    25 l
  • Packaging:

    25 l Tin